Great Fishing, great scenary

Consider that November and December are spring months, water is high and weather can change easily, temperatures can vary from 4-5 below cero to 25 degrees at midday on a sunny day. Be ready for wind, rain or a sunny warm day. Fishing is really productive,, although depending on the amount of snowfall in the winter, some spots are difficult to reach.
January, February and March: is the high season, we will find some more fishermen on some of the spots (we always keep some secret-private ones), weather is generally pleasant with many hours of daylight, more wading places, but don’t forget you are in Patagonia, it cools down in the evening, and water is generally cold, about 13 degrees C.

End of march and april, our fall is starting, days go shorter, temperature lowers, but the colours of the forest and the insect activity will make the difference…




What to bring:
Waders, boots, etc: breathable waders, chest high and felt sole boots (no spikes please), rain jackets wide brim hat or cap.
Clothes: you must be ready for changing weather, temperature can drop down to 0 C even in the middle of summer, and climb to 30/35 C on a hot midday. 


Sun protection: it’s a must to wear sun protection and Polaroid sun glasses.

Rods, lines, flies… If you are bringing only one rod, our advise, a nr. 5 will work on most of the situations. If you like to swop, a nr. 4 on small creeks, a nr. 5 for most of the rivers and some lakes, and a nr. 6 for some lakes, big rivers or bocas.