Our Staff

Diego Brand:Fishing Manager
I have lived in Patagonia for more than 30 years, here is where my grandparents lived and my children were born.It’s a land of mountains, rivers and forests; an ideal place for fly fishing and other outdoor activities. As a child I travelled with my father through this territory, he was a salesman, and I remember the time when he taught me to use a spinning rod, I must have been 7 or 8 years old, it was on the Limay river, on a bend of the river where there use to be an old barge to cross people and vehicles.

Later, at the age of 14, with two of my best friends, Martin and Michael Gough; we fished the Arroyo Pescado with fly rods, a technique that I adopted then.

Since 1985 I’ ve been guiding professionally. I have my own selection of the best waters to wade or float-fish on dry flies.
There is a huge amount of fishing spots, from the smallest creeks, streams, rivers (some of them big waters with no access from the banks). Also mountain lakes of the most pristine water, cold and deep; trout have found here, their perfect habitat.
What I most aquaint, after guiding so many anglers all these years, is friendship, grown from so many magical moments out there…Love for nature, no dought, creates strong attachments. As Mel Krieger said: a drink out of a tincup by the river, tastes a lot better!
Fly fishing, I believe, it’s a great school for nature lovers. We learn to read the waters, enthomology, environment, this is only the starting point, we develope
Wisdom, real knowledge.
Patagonia is a land of great contrasts, wind can be amazingly strong, cold weather, the sun, the cleanliness of the atmosphere, the distances…everything has a strong presence…also solitude.


Alun Lloyd; 
Born and raised in Patagonia, Allun is a young but experienced  fly fishing guide, an artist in fly tying and a professional musician…

Sebastián Ferrer;
Sebas has been guiding for the best of Argentina and Chiles lodges, he will gladly show you some of his secrets spots…

Richard Williams; 
you will enjoy and learn about our history and culture with Richard, descendant of welsh settlers in Patagonia.