Side Programs - Non Fishing Activities

We can arrange side programs such as bird-watching, horse riding, etc. Maybe if its your first trip to this part of the world, you would enjoy visiting a patagonian sheep ranch!

Special Programs:
Parents-sons: Fly fishing can be a great activity to shear-learn-spend time together. Along with outdoor live, learning techniques, knots, reading waters… We can arrange this at your request!



Relax…alter a long day fishing…
Nothing better after a day on the field than a relaxing massage in the hands of an expert masseuse… Analia Bosch



Food and lodging:
During your stay, you will have the chance to try the real flavour of argentine cuisine, our beef (barbecued in our patagonian country style), our wines and beers with the fresh touch of homegrown vegetables and berries.

Oour country has a great selection of wineries, some of them in Patagonia, which you will have the chance of tasting. Our area, is also known for its artisan bear manufacturing…
Other specific diets, will be attended to your request.

According to each program, lodges will vary from a river or lakefront lodge to private farm houses and on some programs we will choose a confortable lodge in town.